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Vice provost illuminates Cornell’s global role and impact义乌皇百优商贸有限公司

Wendy Wolford, Cornell’s vice provost for international affairs and the Robert A. and Ruth E. Polson Professor of Global Development, discusses her background, interdisciplinary approach, the university’s support for students and faculty in international work, the Global Grand Challenge, the new Cornell China Center and more.


New Einaudi Center director launches book in Zambia楚雄隆利永科技有限公司

Rachel Beatty Riedl, director of the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, launched her new book, “From Pews to Politics: Religious Sermons and Political Participation in Africa,” Dec. 11 at the University of Zambia.

Einaudi minor sets students on international research path济宁光义顺设备有限公司

Sophie Partington ’21 and Laura DeMassa ’21 have gone from friends in French class to research partners thanks to the Institute for European Studies, part of the Einaudi Center for International Studies.

In global south, building sewers may spur health, economy 常德优盈久机械有限公司

Cities in the “global south” – densely populated urban areas that are part of low-income countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America – should phase out pit latrines, septic tanks and other on-site methods of human waste management, according to a Cornell researcher.

Cornell geologists detect rapid ‘ice stream’ at Arctic glacier平顶山富耀广科技有限公司

Cornell geologists, examining the desolate Vavilov ice cap on the northern fringe of Siberia in the Arctic Circle, have for the first time observed the rapid ice loss from an improbable new river of ice.

Einaudi program promotes nuclear freeze movement’s legacy 昆明宝晶宝机械有限公司

Disarmament advocate Randall Caroline Watson Forsberg’s dissertation is among the works being released under the Einaudi Center’s Cornell Global Perspectives imprint with Cornell University Press.

Saara Kumar ’17 named Schwarzman Scholar信阳服务有限公司

Saara Shanti Kumar '17 has been selected for the 2021 class of Schwarzman Scholars, joining a worldwide network of talented young leaders.


Veho Institute launches, establishes center at Cornell Tech呼和浩特优鼎辉服务有限公司

Cornell Engineering has launched the Veho Institute for vehicle intelligence, formally partnering Cornell with Italian universities and luxury automakers, and establishing a new academic center at Cornell Tech.

Project adapts basic tech to give voice to patients in Africa太原荣和国机械有限公司

A new system developed by Cornell Tech researchers will allow thousands of patients of community health care workers in rural Africa to use a basic tool on their mobile phones to provide feedback about their care.

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